I finished some benchmarks (last update 13th March 05), testing thttpd 2.25b, Lighttpd 1.3.6 (free version), Boa 0.94.13, LiteSpeed 2.0 standard, dptTVS 2.0.923, dpfTVS 2.0.923 and hssTVS 0.176 against each other. This time I used 2 computers together with ZeusBench(R) 1.01.
- get with 1K file:
- get with 4K file:

Another comparission (13th March 05), putting the above mentioned servers against each other with httperf 0.8, checking their speed with HEAD and conditional get (304 response).

Some older benchmarks, using ApacheBench and local loopback:
- concurrency with a small file of 1010 Bytes
- concurrency with a file of 4096 Bytes
- http/1.0 keep-alive comparison