Current Projects






http/1.1 web-server dpfTVS
A dynamic pre-forking server. Allthough still in early beta and not feature complete, it already offers gateway interfaces with support for GET, POST, HEAD, TRACE and OPTIONS. It is also quite fast, using things like a built in static content cache to speed things even further up. (discontinued)

http/1.1 static content server hssTVS
A sole static content server. Based on a single task multiplexing core it's lightning fast and is capable to hold its own against all, including the fastest, servers out there. While it started out as an experiment I do plan now to expand it further, but even now it has it's place whenever need for speed and static content come together.

Other things not far enough to be used, or that are in planning stage
One of those things would be the MUGI based Forum system. It's stuck somewhere in an early alpha stage. While most of the needed features already work and it's stable, it can't work without the external usermanagement (UM) and the pages needed for that. Wouldn't be much of a Forum without the possibility to create an account. The core routines of the UM work like a charm, but I still have to re-write the interface to catch up with the new systems components. However, I won't continue that until I've finished at least the dpfTVS to a certain degree.

Please use the old systems forum for questions and comments.